MDRL Marauder Bull Pup Kit
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MDRL Marauder Bull Pup Kit

Price: $465.00
  • Item #: MDRL Kit
  • Manufacturer: Maddog Custom Rifle Stocks, LLC
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MDRL are on back, but please contact us to insure that we have the stocks in our inventory due to demand.


The MDRL stock will fit both Gen 1 and Gen 2 rifles, but the linkage lenghts are different between the two.

 Testimonial from client

Doug,  I can't say enough about this MDRL Bull Pup stock kit,  the fit and finish on it is better than the factory stock.  I knew the Marauder would benefit from a BP set up, but this stock completely transforms the gun.  It's a completely different animal, no longer nose heavy carries,  shoulders, and shoots so much better. The way you guys did the trigger linkage is perfect.  The trigger pull on the BP is as smooth as if not better than the original stock trigger.  The way you guys designed it and then added the instructions on line is so cool.. I got the kit and pulled up the instructions on my tablet so I was able to scroll back and forth and zoom in on the pictures.  It was like you were right here beside me building one as I did the conversion on mine.  Being disabled I'm not the handiest guy around but I was able to complete the whole thing in less than an hour.  Anyone that has a Marauder really needs this kit.  You don't know what yer missing till ya get a chance to shoot the Bull Pup.  The communication before during and after the sale was stellar.  You guys really know what a customer needs and how to accomplish it.  I can't thank you enough for the level of service I got from you.  It's so nice to deal with a person who obviously n knows the product and really cares that I understand everything I need throughout the transaction and after the sales too.  If you guys out there have a Marauder ya need to get on the list ASAP.  Because once the news of this kit gets out, Mad Dog, and RL Air guns will be hard pressed to keep up with the demand.  I researched Bull Pup kits for over a year and I can tell you this made in USA kit is the best you're gonna find anywhere, and the service that comes with it is top shelf.  Thanks again for all your help. Don


  This is the new MDRL Marauder Bull Pup Kit from Mad Dog Stocks and R&L Airguns. 

Mad Dog and R&L have teamed up on this project and have been at it for about 8 months to get it to production.  We wanted to have it done and up and running before we announced it to the airgun community! 

Both R&L and Mad Dog Stocks will be selling these kits or complete setups for the Marauder.  We have limited supply right now but will be ramping up production now that we have everything lined up and finalized.

We will take orders from both sites and put them in order as they come in.  More pictures and information will be added as we get production up and we get customer feed back and input.  The stock is wood (poplar) and bed liner coated, as all our stocks are, 3 ply and pressed for strenght.  We use poplar for it's light weight and strength in the 3 ply method. 

A great deal of thought went into the stock for this platform.  We wanted it to be original with great ergonomics and total function.  The snout on the forearm is a great feature for mounting rails & bipods.  It also extends the fore grip for a great hold especially in the offhand position.  We build in small thumb rests on both sides for comfort and stability, a wide contoured forearm for a fantastic feel and to help with canting.  We love the stock and how it came out and think you will too!

Kit Weight:

Long 2lb 6 oz

Short 2lb 2 oz


Short 24" 1/2

Long 28"

LOP 14" 1/2 Both Stocks

Weaver Rail

Same trigger pull and safety motion

Installation takes about 30 minutes with standard allen wrenches.

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